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Our Electromechanical Manufacturing Services Adapt to YOU.

CCC takes pride in assisting customers with the development of new products.

Our experience across so many industries and product types allow us to bring ideas across these borders and offer new and innovative ways of designing and making your product.

Our engineers can work from a bright idea and napkin sketch and pull together your vision.


CCC has 5 CNC turrets and lasers and the capabilities to cut .875 thick sheet metal and quality is verified by laser scanning.

Our complement of CNC Brakes, Robotic Welding (MIG, TIG, SPOT and CMT) and onsite finishing makes us an excellent choice for your business' precision sheet metal manufacturing needs.

Mill certified: Welding and Finishing

CNC Capabilities include over 15 Vertical Mills, 3 Horizontal Milling centers, 3 CNC Turning centers (with live tooling), 15K RPM (high speed) machining and 5 Axis capability and on board touch probe measuring.

Here it is, you have the "how to" done. You know how to make the system work, what the outside should look like but now what. How do you get all that stuff in one box, keep it cool and be able to manufacture it economically? Call CCC.

Our state-of-the-art production machines produce quality products on time and are cost-effective. We provide complete plastic injection molding capabilities from 20 ton to 400 ton capacity.

Insert molding, ultrasonic welding, and value added assembly round out our ability to provide complete solutions.

Our engineers will help you design quality tools with options to build them stateside or with our overseas partners.

Our engineers will design the cables needed to assemble our products to completion. In some cases the cabling and terminations are completed in house and when necessary we utilize UL/CSA recognized manufactures to to support our team.

We believe in functionally testing all terminations where possible.

CCC's finishing capabilities gives you the greatest degree of cost savings and flexibility when looking for a single house solution to your manufacturing needs.

Our on-site finishing services include powder coating, conventional liquid spray coating, aluminum chromate conversion coating, post-finish silk screen printing, packing and shipping.

The vertical integration at CCC means your products start here and finish here with little dependence on outside services. This allows compressed lead-times and unsurpassed quality.

Our team of dedicated assembly personnel are trained in technical assembly and electrical testing to assure our products meet the requirements of our customers.

Assembly can range from simple hardware kits or moderate electro mechanical devices to highly specialized assembly of computer & medical imaging systems.


precision cnc machining

CCC strives to be a seamless partner to our customers, this includes programs such as “just in time” delivery, Kan-ban, forecast fulfillment / blanket agreements, consignment, and field product refurbishment. We will manage programs from order to delivery to any level you request. We reach out from local deliveries to worldwide shipping.

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