Our Philosophy

We Adapt to YOU


Whatever your manufacturing need, CCC has the equipment and the staff to fulfill it. Being competitive in industry today means keeping up with technology and, when necessary, obtaining the most modern equipment. That holds true not only for you but for us as your supplier.

CCC has always insisted on acquiring the finest and most advanced machine tools. Each piece of equipment has unique features that let our engineers select the best machine for the job. CCC has a wide range of conventional fabrication, finishing, assembly, and testing equipment. In addition, we have a full complement of computer driven equipment such as turret punch presses, hydraulic press brakes and machining centers.

All the information generated by our operation, from preparing proposals to shipping your products, is tracked by a powerful ERP manufacturing system. Computers in every department supply information about each job’s status of completion. Up-to-the-minute information about your job is always available to you.

At CCC, we have one other tool that is never out-of-date.

We listen to what you need, and what you need to get your project done. We adapt to you.